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Dr. Ayelet David

Department of Pharmacology
The Faculty of Health Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Contact Information
Dr. Ayelet David, Ph.D.
Building: Dichman M6
Room: 535
Office phone: 972-8-6477364
Lab phone: 972-8-6477367
Office fax: 972-8-6479303

Mailing adress
Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Faculty of Health Science
Building: Dichman
Room: 206
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer Sheva, Israel

Research Interest

Rational design of biomedical polymers to target drugs and diagnostic agents to diseased sites in the body.
Dr. David and her coworkers develop targeted drug delivery platforms, including polymer-drug conjugates and self-assembled polymeric micelles, equipped with targeting ligands specific for endothelial and cancer cells markers, to deliver anticancer drugs and oligonucleotides as well as Near Infrared fluorescent (NIRF) molecules into tumor vascular endothelial and cancer cells at the tumor microenvironment. Dr David further utilizes activated cell penetrating peptide (aCPP) sequences to trigger drug penetration into cancer cells. Such targeted polymer have been found useful for (a) delivering drugs to treat diseases without toxic side-effects; (b) targeting imaging agents into solid tumors for diagnostic applications; and (c) deliver DNA to antigen-presenting dendritic cells to enhanced antigen-specific immune responses for the treatment of a wide range of diseases including cancer and inflammation.

Selected Publications

Journo-Gershfeld G, Kapp D, Shamay Y, Kopecek J, David A. Hyaluronan oligomers-HPMA copolymer conjugates for targeting paclitaxel to CD44-overexpressing ovarian carcinoma. (2012) Pharm Res. 29: 1121-1133.

Kopansky E, Shamay Y, David A. Peptide-directed HPMA copolymer-doxorubicin conjugates as targeted therapeutics for colorectal cancer. (2011) J Drug Target. 19: 933-943.

Shamay Y, Adar L, Ashkenasy G, David A. Light induced drug delivery into cancer cells. (2011) Biomaterials. 32: 1377-1386.

Shamay Y, Paulin D, Ashkenasy G, David A. Multivalent display of quinic acid based ligands for targeting E-selectin expressing cells. (2009) J Med Chem. 52: 5906-5915.

Shamay Y, Paulin D, Ashkenasy G, David A. E-selectin binding peptide-polymer-drug conjugates and their selective cytotoxicity against vascular endothelial cells. (2009) Biomaterials 30: 6460-6468.

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