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Sheba Center for Regenerative Medicine
Bar Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
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NanoMedicine for Personalized Theranostics, Nanotechnology consortium headed by Prof. Dan Peer

Tel Aviv University to spearhead groundbreaking nanotechnology consortium
American friends of Tel Aviv University (18 Oct. 2012)

Tel Aviv University has been appointed by the Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative (INNI) to lead a consortium on "Nanomedicines for Personalized Theranostics," a combined system of diagnostics and therapeutic treatments. This consortium of 11 laboratories will be dedicated to developing nano-sized drug delivery systems for the detection and treatment of various diseases. Eight of the labs are TAU-led by Prof. Dan Peer, with additional participation from Hebrew University Jerusalem, Bar-Ilan University and Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Read more

Helmsley Charitable Trust Awards $3.3 Million Matching Grant to TAU for Nanomedicine Initiative

Research will design "theranostic" drugs personalized for individual cancer, cardiovascular, and inflammatory disease patients
American friends of Tel-Aviv University (19 Dec. 2012)

The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust has awarded a three-year $3,304,400 grant to the Tel Aviv University Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Nanotechnology Research Fund to launch research on personalized "theranostic" nanomedicines for cancer, cardiovascular, and inflammatory diseases. Theranostics, combining diagnostics and therapeutics, are a key component of the rapidly growing field of personalized medicine. Read more


The 8 th Annual Meeting of the
Israeli Chapter of the
Controlled Release Society

September 5-7, 2012

Hacienda Forestview Hotel
Maalot Tarshiha, Israel

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