The Marian Gertner Institute for Medical Nanosystems is operating at Tel-Aviv University to fulfill the following goals:

  • Encourage, support and advance nano-medical system research at Tel Aviv University
  • Train students with methods, techniques and tools of medical nano-systems
  • Support and encourage scientific relations between the institute researchers and other centers in the world
  • Support information dissemination of the knowledge developed at the institute

The research topics of the institute include:

  • Medical micro systems technologies
  • Medical nano-systems that occur within the human body
  • Nano-structures of pathogens
  • Self-assembly of nano-structures in living organisms
  • Pharmaceutical nano-technologies
  • Integrated bio-systems on a chip

Alexander Gertner and Rita Brainin, together with their mother, Hella, established the Institute in honor of their late father and husband, Marian Gertner – a devoted friend and benefactor of TAU for a quarter of a century.

Hella, a TAU Honorary Doctor, was the driving force behind the Austrian Friends Association and served as its President for many years. Hella and her husband passed on their love of the University to their children, who continue to strengthen TAU's presence in Austria and Switzerland to this day. They have expanded the scope of the Institute, supporting curiosity-driven research that addresses some of the most challenging issues facing modern medicine. Through the Institute, the family has provided dozens of scholarships to talented students and has encouraged scientific collaborations with leading nanoscience centers around the world.