MEA technology

Multi electrode array (MEA) technology is gaining increased attention as a valuable tool in neuroscience. As researchers utilize MEA technology in their investigations, full understanding of the technology, its advantages and disadvantages is of paramount importance. In this project we use a special setup combining MEA recording and simulation with Ca imaging to reveal important insight into MEA technology efficacy. Foremost, we find that micro electrodes record from only a very close proximity from the electrode. Stimulation, on the other hand, targets an entirely different cell population residing at a very large distance away from the electrode. Glia activation is also a very pronounced effect observed by this technique. These effects have to be accounted for  when utilizing MEA technology for neurological experimentations.
Optical validation of in-vitro extra-cellular neuronal recordings
Nitzan Herzog, Mark Shein, Yael Hanein,
Journal of Neural Engineering Vol. 8, pp. 056008, 2011.

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