E-beam Evaporator VST (GB)

E-beam Evaporator VST (GB)
E-beam Evaporator VST (GB)

Manufacturer and model:




Capable of heating materials to high temperature, high purity film, very high deposition rates and evaporation of high temperature materials and refractory metals. Can evaporate high melting point materials.



Au, Ag, Co, Cr, Cu, In, Nb, Ni, Mo, Pd, Pt, Sn, Ta, Ti, W, Fe, CF2, MgF.



  • No load lock.
  • Rotating sample holder.
  • Cooling down to LN2.
  • Heating up to 200˚C.
  • Base pressure 8x10-8 Torr.
  • Working pressure 5x10-7 Torr.
  • 6 crucibles + 2 thermal sources.
  • Typical deposition rate: 0.5 Å/sec.
  • Nitrogen environment to avoid oxidation.


Glove box lab, Nano center building.


Tool Owner:

Nirit Porecki-Shamay (nporecki@tauex.tau.ac.il).


Tool Trainer:

Lev Rovinsky (levrovinsky@mail.tau.ac.il).


Rates & Costs for external Commercial / Industrial:

Glove box lab - 200 NIS / hr.

Tool - 440 NIS / hr.

Staff Time - 440 NIS / hr.

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