License Agreements

  • Valentis Nanotech Ltd. (2018) – Super organic tunable and white-light emitting diode (OLED) by a natural chromophore separation matrix. Lead researcher: Prof. Shachar Richter
  • Biosynth AG (2018) –  Chemiluminescent probes for diagnostics and in vivo imaging. Lead researcher: Prof. Doron Shabat
  • BioCastle Water Technologies Ltd. (2018) – Oxidative bio-reactor for water treatment. Lead researcher: Prof. Hadas Mamane and Prof. Dror Avisar
  • Applied Biological Materials Inc. (2018) – CHO-N1G4-citrine cell line. Lead researcher: Prof. David Sprinzak
  • Biosynth AG – Nemis Technologies (2018) – Chemiluminescent probes for diagnostics and in vivo imaging. Lead researcher: Prof. Doron Shabat
  • BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH (2018) – Novel ionizable lipids for delivery of nucleic acids. Lead researcher: Prof. Dan Peer
  • BioVision Inc. (2018) – Chemiluminescent probes for diagnostics and in vivo imaging. Lead researcher: Prof. Doron Shabat
  • ART Bioscience Ltd. (2018) – Novel ionizable lipids for delivery of nucleic acids (mRNA, DNA, siRNA). Lead researcher: Prof. Dan Peer
  • Lonza Sales AG (2018) – Bi-specific antibody platform. Lead researcher: Prof. Itai Benhar
  • 3PEMS Ltd. (2017) – 3D printed electromagnetic systems for RF applications. Lead researcher: Prof. Yosi Shacham
  • BIOSYNTH AG (2016) – Chemiluminescent probes for diagnostics and in vivo imaging. Lead researcher: Prof. Doron Shabat
  • Sepal Pharma (2016) – Drug delivery via sublingual delivery. Lead researcher: Prof. Dan Peer
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation SRC, Intel Corporation (2016) – Synthesis conversion to high Phosphorus Nitride thin films. Lead researcher: Prof. Fernando Patolsky
  • Aerie Pharmaceuticals (2015) - First-in-class therapies for anti-beta amyloid small molecule for the treatment of patients with glaucoma and dry AMD and other eye diseases. Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit.​​
  • Dexcel Pharma Technologies (2015) – Parkinson’s disease therapy, based on the identification of new beta-synuclein recognition modules. This disease-modifying treatment may enable inhibition of disease progression, in contrast to current symptomatic therapy that does not arrest disease progression. Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit.
  • Civan Advanced Technology (2015) - Development of high power laser based on the coherent combination of fibers . Lead researcher: Prof. Shlomo Ruschin
  • Variantyx Ltd. (2014) – Clinical grade, end-to-end genome analysis services to physicians and hospitals worldwide. Lead researcher: Dr. Noam Shomron.
  • Hall Effect Multi-bit magnetic random access memory (MRAM), signed with Samsung Global MRAM Innovation. Lead researcher: Prof. Alexander Gerber (2014)
  • PEG-dendrimer hybrids as novel nano-carriers for pesticides delivery, signed with Makhteshim Chemical Works LTD. Lead researcher: Dr. Roey J. Amir (2014).

  • A novel approach to fuel marking, signed with Eurocontrol Technics Group Inc. (TSX Venture: EUO). Lead researcher:  Prof. Fernando Patolsky (2014).

  • Discrimination of white blood cell populations with label-free digital holographic microscopy,  signed with Siemens AG. Lead researcher: Dr. Natan Tzvi-Shaked (2014).

  • Optical interferometry microscopy system and algorithms for non-destructive optical inspection, signed with Applied Materials Israel Ltd. Lead researcher: Dr. Natan Tzvi-Shaked (September 2014)

  • Electrochemical Deposition of Hydroxyapatite on Dental Implants, signed with SGS International Ltd. Lead researcher: Prof. Noam Eliaz (2014)

  • Nonpharma, PolyPeptide Nanostructures for use in products of Field Effect Transistors, signed with The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit (2013)

  • Fluorescent nano material for products authenticity verification, signed with Tata Steel Ltd. Lead researcher: Prof. Gil Markovich (2013)

  • Phenylalanine fibrils antibodies related to PKU, signed with EMD Millipore Corporation. Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit. (2013)

  • New drugs to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, signed with Mental‐Heal Ltd. Lead researchers: Prof. Moshe Portnoy, Prof. Avi Weizman and Dr. Irit Gilad. (2013)

  • Targeted cancer therapy based on miR‐21, signed with Tickro Technologies. Lead researchers: Dr. Ella Sklan and Dr. Rina Rosin‐Arbesfeld (2013).

  • New hair coloring products based on unique coating beads which strongly adhere to the hair surface, signed with Noam ColorTech Ltd. Lead researcher: Prof. Amihay Freeman (2013)

  • Improving laser efficiency in OPO laser systems for airborne defense systems against heat-seeking missiles, signed with Elbit Systems-Elop. Lead researcher: Prof. Ady Arie (February 2012).

  • Coral-derived collagen for tissue engineering, signed with ExceeMatrix Ltd. Lead researcher: Prof. Dafna Benayahu (2012)

  • Drug-eluting composite structures, signed with Active Healing Bio Medical Ltd. Lead researcher: Prof. Meital Zilberman (2012).

  • Transparent conductive coating with nano-wires for flat panels applications, signed with Nepes. Lead researcher: Prof. Gil Markovich (2012).           

  • A new drug for Parkinson’s disease, signed with Bioline Rx. Lead researcher:  Prof. Ehud Gazit (2012).

  • Peptide nano tubes electrodes for energy storage applications, signed with an Israeli defense industry company. Lead researchers: Prof. Udi Gazit and Prof. Gil Rosenman (2010). 

  • Transparent conducting nanowires, signed with an Israeli start up in the field of Photovoltaic coatings. Lead researcher: Prof. Gil Markovich (2009).

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