Raith 150 Ultra High Precision E-Beam Lithography and Metrology System

  • Description:
  • The Raith150 represents a new and innovative generation of electron-beam writers for R&D application, and close the gap between the SEM conversions and expensive production equipment. The Raith 150 is capable of a resolution of about 50 nm.

  • Specifications:


  • Features & Info sheet:
    • Used for direct write and mask making.

    • Ultra high resolution, thermal field emission (Schottky) source.

    • GEMINI (the registered trademark of LEO Electronenmikroskopie GmbH) electron optics: 8 kV beam booster giving state-of-the-art low kV performance, beam energy selectable between 200 V – 30 kV.

    • 6'' laser interferometer stage with electrostatic chuck and automated sample leveling using 3-point contact with piezo electric devices.

    • Wide range of selectable writing field sizes (from 0.5 um to 800 um).

    • Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS), a zero stitching error writing mode for the seamless exposure of extended structures.

    • Fast Pattern Generator with up to 10 MHz writing speed, minimum dwell time increments approach 2 ns.

    • Flexible dual PC operated control of system, lithography patterning and metrology runs. * Pattern generation: GDSII hierarchical editor with dose assignment. Flexible graphical editor for “any shape design”. Fully integrated software with proximity correction and postprocessing.

    • Metrology functions: linewidth and long-range measurements with laser interferometer resolution of 2 nm. Magnification: 20 to 900,000 times.

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