• Galimedix Therapeutics Inc. (2018) – EG30 for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit
  • Optomechanic Cube Ltd. (2017) – A company developing 3D modular optics for 3D optical alignment. Lead researcher: Dr. Haim Suchowski
  • CliniCrowd (2016) – A crowd monitoring website to evaluate Mannitol for the treatment of Parkinson’s. Lead researcher: Prof. Daniel Segal
  • Pntlloxx Ltd. (2016) – A company developing Peptide Nanotubes for energy storage applications. Lead researcher: Prof. Ehud Gazit
  • QuLab Medical Ltd. (2016) – A company developing multiplex realtime monitoring of cellular metabolic activity in physiological solutions using a Redox-reactive nanowire biosensor. Lead researcher: Prof. Fernando Patolsky
  • Unispectral Ltd. (2016) – A company developing a sequential color imaging scheme and implementation within compact camera modules. Lead researchers: Prof. Slava Krylov and Prof. David Mendlovic
  • NanoLock (2015) - NanoLock's technology enables any solid-state memory to be physically “locked,” preventing unauthorized access at the hardware level. Furthermore , complete functionality of CPU’s and MicroControllers can also be “locked” and disabled. Lead researchers: Prof. Slava Krylov
  • NanoAir (2014) - A start-up company developing Paper-thin active cooling for thin devices. Lead researchers: Prof. Slava Krylov and Prof. Yosi Shacham
  • Cine'al (2014) - A startup company developing Jellyfish derived super absorbents for fluids focusing on absorbing blood and proteins. Lead researcher: Prof. Shachar Richter
  • Honeycomb Battery (2014) – A startup company based on 3D concentric on-chip silicon microbattery technology, enabling fabrication of 10-30K microbattery units in the perforated chip. Lead Researches: Prof. Diana Golodintsky, Prof. Emanuel Peled and Prof. Menachem Nathan
  • StoreDot Ltd (2013) is a leader in the innovation of materials and their device applications, developing ground-breaking technologies based on a unique methodology for the design, synthesis and tuning of new organic compounds. These proprietary compounds dramatically improve the performance of a range of devices, including batteries, displays, sensors and digital memory. Lead Researcher: Prof. Gil Rosenman
  • NoAm ColorTech (2013) - A start-up company developing novel hair coloring using unique strongly adhering coating beads. Lead researcher: Prof. Amihay Freeman
  • Savicell Diagnostics (2012) - A cancer diagnostic kit. Lead researcher: Prof. Fernando Patolsky
  • Quiet Therapeutics (2010) - A start- up company developing a drug delivery technology. Lead researchers: Prof. Rimona Margalit and Prof. Dan Peer
  • Tracense Systems (2010) - A start- up company developing Nanotech-based "electronic nose" to sniff out security threats like bombs, biological warfare agents, and toxic liquids. Lead researcher: Prof. Fernando Patolsky


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