UK-Israel Workshop Summer School 2018 on Nano Scale Crystallography for Bio and Materials Research

EBSD Inverse pole figure presentation; TEM diffraction pattern; EBSD Kikuchi diffraction pattern; EBSD pole figure presentation
EBSD Inverse pole figure presentation; TEM diffraction pattern; EBSD Kikuchi diffraction pattern; EBSD pole figure presentation



18-19 June, 2018, Tel-Aviv University 

* Student travel scholarships are available *

The joint UK-Israel workshop is devoted to crystallographic characterization required for nanotechnology research. The event provides a balanced view of nanoscale structural characterization for both life sciences and materials science. The scientific program is based on nano-scale characterization by electron microscopy (TEM and SEM) and related methods. It is intended for the global research community including students, young scientists as well as trained scientists and engineers intended to enlarge their skills. The two days will include invited tutorial and application lectures, scientific ‘techno-bites’ and student poster presentation. The school will take place prior the Annual Meeting of the Israel Society of Microscopy (ISM2018).  

The workshop is supported by the British Council, the Marian Gertner Institute for Medical Nanosystems and by the Tel-Aviv University Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

The meeting is expected to provide a wide scientific network for the workshop attendees. We hope you will join us at Tel-Aviv University for sharing new research opportunities!


Invited Speakers:

Lia Addadi (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Zahava Barkay (Tel Aviv University)

Roy Beck (Tel Aviv University)

Amir Berman (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Ben Britton (Imperial College)

Bart Buijsse (FEI)

Dominique Delille (FEI)

Keith Dicks (Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis)

Alexander Eggeman (University of Manchester)

Nadav Elad (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Michael Elbaum (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Rivka Elbaum (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Finn Giuliani (Imperial College)

Ilan Goldfarb (Tel Aviv University) ​

Semen Gorfman (Tel Aviv University)

Sarah Haigh (University of Manchester)

Yaron Kauffmann (Technion Institute of Technology)

Amit Kohn (Tel Aviv University)

Louisa Meshi (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Stavros Nicolopoulos (NanoMegas)

Elena Orlova (Birkbeck College)

Inna Popov (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Uri Raviv (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Haim Rozenberg (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Aimo Winkelmann (Bruker)

Angus Wilkinson (University of Oxford)

Raz Zarivach (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Emil Zolotoyabko (Technion Institute of Technology)

​Organizing Committee

  • Amit Kohn (Tel Aviv University)
  • Zahava Barkay (Tel Aviv University)
  • Ben Britton (Imperial College)

Scientific Committee

  • Amit Kohn (Materials Science, Tel Aviv University)
  • Zahava Barkay (Materials Science, Tel Aviv University)
  • Yaron Kauffmann (Materials Science, Technion)
  • Assaf Gal (Life Sciences, WIS)​


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Abstracts of Lectures

Materials Science – Please click here

Life Sciences – Please click here

Academic Credit Point

One academic credit point will be provided from the department of Materials Science and Engineering or Chemistry at Tel-Aviv University for graduate students from materials and life sciences participating in the workshop and presenting a poster on workshop topic. In parallel to workshop registration, please register the academic course at your department (registration fees will apply).



Best Poster will be Awarded


Posters can be submitted by 1 June, 2018.


Registration Includes:

- Participation in all sessions
- Lunch and light refreshments between sessions
- Tour at
The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot


Malka Brander, Hall of Justice (Kes Hamishpat hall)
Trubowicz Building
Tel Aviv University

Poster Boardes
The size of the poster will be up to 120cm length and up to 80cm width.

Students Travel Support - For International Students

  1. International Travel Grants are available (Accommodation and Partial flight funding; pending registration and approval). 
  2. Applications should be received by 12 March, 2018
  3. Priority to poster presenters – please indicate in your request whether you would like to present a poster.
  4. To apply, please send a CV and Advisor recommendation to
  5. Registration fees will apply to all participants

Additional Info:

For additional information, please contact: Mickey Shenhar
Administrative Director
Email Address:

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