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Sci. Rep. 6, 25727; doi: 10.1038/srep25727, 2016. Full Text:Link.
Modularity induced gating and delays in neuronal networks
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Atomic Oxygen Durable and Electrically-Conductive CNT POSS Polyimide Flexible Films for Space Applications
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Design, Surface Treatment, Cellular Plating, and Culturing of Modular Neuronal Networks Composed of Functionally Inter-connected Circuits
Sivan Kanner, Marta Bisio, Gilad Cohen, Miri Goldin, Marieteresa Tedesco, Yael Hanein, Eshel
Ben-Jacob, Ari Barzilai, Michela Chiappalone, Paolo Bonifazi
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Degeneracy breaking of Wood's anomaly for enhanced refractive index sensing
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Glutamate Mediated Astrocytic Filtering of Neuronal Activity
Gilad Wallach, Jules Lallouette, Nitzan Herzog, Maurizio De Pitta, Eshel Ben Jacob, Hugues
Berry, and Yael Hanein 
PLOS Computational Biology, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003964, Full text: Link.
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Yuval Yifat, Michal Eitan, Zeev Iluz, Yael Hanein, Amir Boag, Jacob Scheuer
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Novel Interfaces for Light Directed Neuronal Stimulation: Advances and Challenges
Lilach Bareket-Keren and Yael Hanein
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Vini Gautam, David Rand, Yael Hanein and K.S. Narayan
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Frontiers in Neural Circuits, doi: 10.3389, 2013. Full Text: Link.
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2012 and Before

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