In this project we are integrating nano antennae with nano diodes to develop a new class of nano devices: Nanorectennas. To achieve this goal we have developed the nano Dual Vivaldi Antenna: These structures are currently explored to achieve efficient rectification in the IR range. We have recently succeeded in quantifying the radiation efficiency of a single antenna using far-field measurements. Excellent agreement in terms of resonance frequencies, optical bandwidth, and scattering efficiency is found between the results of experimental measurements and finite element-based numerical analysis of scattering from Au nano-antenna arrays. Extremely high overall radiation efficiencies, exceeding 82%, are obtained. The high efficiency can facilitate the employment of such nano-antennas for applications in imaging, spectroscopy, and solar energy harvesting.
Quantifying the radiation efficiency of nano antennas
Yuval Yifat, Zeev Iluz, Michal Eitan, Inbal Friedler, Yael Hanein, Amir Boag, and Jacob Scheuer,
Applied Physics Letters Vol. 100, pp.111113, 2012