Electromyography is a non-invasive method widely used to map muscle activation. For decades, it was commonly accepted that dry metallic electrodes establish poor electrode-skin contact, making them impractical for skin electromyography (sEMG) applications. Gelled electrodes are therefore the standard in electromyography with their use confined, almost entirely, to laboratory settings. Our lab recentlydeveloped novel dry electrodes, exhibiting outstanding electromyography recording along with excellent user comfort. The electrodes are realized using screen-printing of silver and carbon inks on a soft support. The conformity of the electrodes helps establish direct contact with the skin, making the use of a gel superfluous. 

We are currently collaborating with several leading researchers to demonstrate the perfromances of our electronic skin (or electronic tattoo) technology in early diagnostics of PD patients, psychological evaluation, emotion detection, brain-machine interfacing, wakefulness monitoring, and more.

We are eager to provide other labs access to the technology for evaluation, testing and research purposes. Electrodes and control software can be costumized to fit specific applications.


 More Info:

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  • Video clip showing facial sEMF recordings with dry electrode tattoo: Link.
  • Media: Electronic Tattoos Offer Convenience to Medical Tech:Link.
  • Radio: The fabric of future life:Link.
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