Manufacturer and model:

Jeol JSM 6700F.



The JSM-6700F is a high resolution, easy-to-operate scanning electron microscope, based on a cold filed emission gun electron source and employing state-of-the-art computer control and imaging. A conical FE gun and semi-inlens objective generate high resolution images. High definition, flicker-free images are displayed at 1280*1024 pixels and can easily be viewed under normal room lighting, even at slow scan speeds. A mouse and menu GUI interface, running under Windows 7, provides a familiar control interface and high-performance networking.



  • Equipped with a variety of detectors as well as EDS.
  • Resolution: 1.0nm (at 15kV), 2.2nm (at 1kV).
  • Magnification: 25 to 19,000 (LM mode), 100 to 650,000 (SEM mode).
  • Accelerating voltage: 0.5 to 30kV.
  • Specimen illumination current: 10^-13A to 2*10^-9A.
  • Electron gun: cold cathode field emission type.
  • Alignment: Electromagnetic deflection system.
  • Objective lens: Strongly excited conical lens.
  • Specimen chamber: Large chamber for 200mm specimen.
Modes of operation:
  • Secondary electron (SE) mode with two JEOL detectors: Lower SE detector + In-Lens detector with voltage filter.
  • Backscattered Electron (BSE) mode with a retractable solid state BSE JEOL detector.
  • Element Analysis mode: VANTAGE X-ray microanalysis system of THERMONORAN provides element identification, quantitative microanalysis and mapping down beryllium.


Nano center building, Room #18.


Tool Owner:

Dr. Gal Radovsky (


Tool Trainer:

Dr. Stanislav Stepanov (


Rates & Costs for external Commercial / Industrial:

Tool - 440 NIS / hr.

Staff Time - 440 NIS / hr.

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