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Tools and Owners


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Ebeam evaporator VST (Nano) Stanislav Stepanov Lev Rovinsky
Ebeam evaporator VST (GB) Stanislav Stepanov Lev Rovinsky
Magnetron Sputtering Vinci  Stanislav Stepanov Dolev Roitman
Magnetron Sputtering PENTA  Valery Garber Eyal Nir
Diode Sputtering MRC  Gidon Jacob Gidon Jacob
Ebeam evaporator Vinci  Nirit Porecki Eyal Nir
PECVD PlasmTherm Valery Garber Erez Benjamin/Neta Melech 
ALD Beneq Inna Shekhtman Inna Shekhtman
RTP Nirit Porecki Nofar Livni
Electroplating Yamamoto Inna Shekhtman Eliran Hamo/Raz Samira


RIE NEXTRAL  Valery Garber Erez Benjamin
RIE Oerlicon Boris Yofis Boris Yofis
Deep RIE  SLR ICP Valery Garber Neta Melech 
Deep RIE Versaline DSE Valery Garber Erez Benjamin
Ion Beam Milling AJA  Nirit Porecki Nirit Porecki
Femtosecond Laser ELAS  Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov


Photolithography MA6 Boris Yofis Erez Benjamin
Photolithography MJB3 Boris Yofis Boris Yofis
Nano Imprint Lithogrpahy Nirit Porecki Ella Borberg
Direct Laser Writer (mask and wafer) Heidelberg Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov

Ion Beam 

Ion Beam Lithography Raith 150 Inna Shekhtman Dolev Roitman
Ion Beam Lithography Raith 150-II Inna Shekhtman Dolev Roitman
FIB Raith Gal Radovsky  Dolev Roitman
Dual Beam FIB ThermoFisher  Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 


File Design

Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov
Mask Fabrication Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov

Back End

Dicing Disco Saw Stanislav Stepanov Raz Samira
Ball Wire bonder Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov
Wedge Wire bonder Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov


Profilometer KLA Gal Radovsky  Erez Benjamin
Ellipsometer Wollam Stanislav Stepanov Stanislav Stepanov
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Cary500i Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 
FTIR spectrometer Bruker Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 
Confocal Microscope Olympus LEXT 4000 Gal Radovsky  May Hayoun
Confocal Microscope Olympus LEXT3000 Gal Radovsky  May Hayoun
Contact Angle Nirit Porecki Roman Nudelman
NanoDrop Stanislav Stepanov Roman Nudelman
DLS  Stanislav Stepanov Roman Nudelman
HRSEM JEOL Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 
HRSEM ZEISS Gemini 300 Gal Radovsky  Eliran Hamo
AFM Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 
Raman Spectroscopy Gal Radovsky  Gal Radovsky 


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