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    Labs and Facilities
    Electron microscopes, Laser Micro-machining


    Electron microscopes - Dr. Netta Hendler and Dr. Zahava Barkai (eSEM)


    • ESEM- Dr. Zehava Barkay
    • HRSEM (JSM-6700 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope) - Owner Dr. Netta Hendler, Assistant Owner Ori Avio


    AFM - Gal Radovsky (Assistant Owner Omri Heifler)


    • Molecular Imaging PicoSPM II system
    • Biologically oriented, high precision - AFM - JPK NanoWizard III
    • High spectral resolution confocal Raman spectrometer (coupled to AFM) Horiba Jobin Yvon Lab-Ram HR


    Optical and Confocal Microscopy - Dr. Youry Borisenkov


    • Metallurgical Confocal microscope (LEXT) - Owner Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants, Assistant Owner Dr. Stanislav Stepanov
    • Inspection Microscopes (Olympus MX-40, MX-50) - Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants
    • Measurements: KLA P16 Profilometer (Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants, Erez Benjamin); Ellipsometer (Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants, Dr. Stanislav Stepanov), Reflectometer.

    Ebeam & ion Beam Lithography - Dr. Netta Hendler 


    • FIB (Raith ionLine) - Owner Dr. Netta Hendler, Assistant Owner Dr. Stanislav Stepanov
    • E-beam lithography (Raith 150 Ultra High Precision E-Beam Lithography and Metrology System) - Owner Dr. Netta Hendler, Assistant Owner Alon Kosloff.
    • E-beam lithography (Raith 150 II  Ultra High Precision E-Beam Lithography and Metrology System) - Owner Dr. Netta Hendler, Assistant Owner Alon Kosloff.



    Photolithography - Dr. Youry Borisenkov and Erez Benjamin


    • Contact lithography (Suss MA6 - Owner Erez Benjamin Assistant Owner Youry Borisenkov), MJB3 - Owner Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants, Assistant Owner Dr. Stanislav Stepanov)
    • Direct laser writing / Photomask preparation (Heideberg)


    Nanoimprint lithography


    • Nanoimprint lithography (S.E.T. FC-150) -Owner  Dr. Youry Borisenkov ,Assistent Owner Alon Kosloff.


    Thin Film Deposition - Valery Gerber and Dr. Stanislav Stepanov


    • E-beam deposition (VST)
    • Thermal evaporation (VST)
    • RF sputtering (MRC)
    • Magnetron Sputtering (VINCI)
    • E-beam Evaporator (VINCI)
    • Magnetron Sputtering  (PENTA)
    • Plasma Enhanced CVD (PLASMA THERM)
    • Ion Beam Sputtering IBS (VST) - Dr. Youry Borisenkov
    • Atomic Layer Deposition ALD (BENEQ)  -Dr. Youry Borisenkov
    • Elecrtoplating (YAMAMOTO)  - Dr. Netta Hendler


    Wet and Plasma Etching - Valery Garber and Dr. Youry Borisenkov


    • Ion Beam Milling (AJA)
    • DRIE etching (SLR 770 ICP, VERSALINE DSE III)
    • Wet etching 
    • Wet and dry Cleaning


    Backend - Dr. Youry Borisenkov



    • Dicing (Disco DAD 3350)
    • Wire Bonding
    • Precision Diamond Scriber (ATV)
    • Critical Point Dryer (CPD)
    • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTP)


    Characterization Tools - Valery Gerber


    • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer (cary500) - Assistant Owner Edith Beilis
    • FTIR Spectrometer(BRUKER) - Assistant Owner Edith Beilis
    • FTIR Spectrometer (THERMO) - - Assistant Owner Edith Beilis
    • Wetting Angle (RAME-HART) 
    • Zetasizer DLS - Assistant Owner Gal Finkelshtein
    • Ellipsometer (WOLLAM) - Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants 


    Laser Micromachining - Dr. Stanislav Stepanov



    Standard Operating Procedures


    The SOPs can be used as an introduction prior to actual training or as reminder on how to use the tool. Training with lab personnel is still required prior to independent use of the machines. 

    Nextral RIE 

    Nano Clean room e-beam Evaporator 

    MJB3 Mask Aligner

    MA6 Mask Aligner

    Disco Dicer

    Ion Beam Sputter

    Plasma preen (asing)

    Piranah use (acid bench)

    Zeta Potential (Zetasizer)

    Critical Point Dryer (CPD) 

    DRIE DSE3  

    Jipilec RTP 


    KLP P16 Profilometer 

    HRSEM JEOL 6700


    Basic Lithography Introduction:


    Go to the Books 24x7 link

    Find the following book: Introduction to Microfabrication, Second Edition by Sami Franssila  John Wiley & Sons © 2010. Read the chapter on Photolithography (chapter 9). 


    Filmed Training Sessions:


    Please note - watching the video does not replace actual training but can be very helpful! Training with lab personnel is still required prior to independent use of the machines.

    Lithography Training Films (Dr. David Schreiber)

    Theoretical Introduction to AFM and Raman (Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants)

    Hands on AFM Training - JPK (Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants)

    MI-AFM Training (Dr. Artium Khatchtouriants)

    For more details, please contact Mr. Valery Garber (valeryg@tauex.tau.ac.il) or Mr. Zvi Kopolovich (zvik@tauex.tau.ac.il)

    Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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