Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

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Dr. George Levi (


Manufacturer and model

JEOL JEM-2010F STEM (JEOL, Japan, 1997).

Talos F200i (Thermo Fisher Scientific, US, coming soon).

Field emission gun scanning and transmission electron microscope.

Field emission gun scanning and transmission electron microscope.
  • Schottky S-FEG.

  • Routinely operated at 200 kV and 80 kV in both TEM and STEM modes.

  • UHR objective lens for enhanced resolution images.

  • Main characteristics at 200 kV: Cs=0.5 mm (!), point-to-point resolution of 0.19 nm, information limit of 0.1 nm.

  • Electron diffraction patterns distortion < 1%.

  • Thermo Noran System Six. (Thermo, USA) energy dispersive spectrometer for chemical analysis with an energy resolution of ~148 eV; classical SiLi detector, with a collection angle of ~0.13 sterad and a take-off angle of ~15 deg)

  • Tridiem 863 (Gatan, USA) electron energy loss spectrometer, equipped with US1000 (2K x 2K) CCD camera; dedicated for very high-spatial resolution spectroscopic and electron energy filtered imaging analysis; best energy resolution (limited by the electron source) ~0.7 eV.

  • JEOL Bi-Prism for electron holographic measurements with a phase resolution of ~100 mrad at medium and low magnifications.

  • Dedicated specimen holders (manufactured by Gatan, USA):

    • Low background double tilt analytical holder (with Faraday cup).

    • Liquid nitrogen cooled single tilt analytical holder (also low background).

  • Note: currently, the resolution of the system is slightly off, due to a fault in the HT tank.

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Multidisciplinary Research Building, room #009.

Multidisciplinary Research Building, room #009.


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