Prof. Haim Suchowski

Femto-Nano dynamics, Nonlinear Metamaterials, Quantum coherent control



Prof. Haim Suchowski's research focuses in exploring ultrafast dynamics in condensed matter physics, plasmonic nanostructures, silicon photonics and 2D materials. Also, he conducts research in quantum coherent control of atoms and molecules with ultra-short laser pulses. He is leading experimental research on nonlinear generation processes, metamaterials, including nonlinear optics from nanostructures and metasurfaces. In quantum coherent control, he performs experimental realization of coherent control schemes in various physical systems: atomic physics, frequency conversion, polarization optics, and silicon photonics. He also performs theoretical research on a Lie-algebraic approach to strong-field coherent control.


Research achievements include: Observation of ultrafast exciton-polaritons in 2D materials; pioneered the adiabatic frequency conversion and composite schemes in nonlinear optics that overcome the tradeoff between bandwidth and efficiency in frequency conversion processes, including the generation and control of the shortest mid-infrared ultrashort pulses sources. He conducted the first implementation of deep learning in nanophotonics. In geometrical quantum control, he developed the Pythagorean coupling and Retrograde Canon schemes.


Future directions include: Ultrafast dynamics in various condensed matter systems, including in 2D materials and coupled nanosystems. Develop a theoretical understanding at the microscopic level of the fundamental processes underlying correlated electron phenomena in complex and exotic materials, semiconductor nanostructures, and dynamics in molecular and nano-composites. Continue efforts to apply Deep Learning to reveal ultrafast and nonlinear dynamics at the nanoscale. Experimental realization of composite pulses scheme in quantum integrated photonics and nonlinear optics.


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