System Owners

System Owners
Clean Room, The Jan Koum Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology





Deposition E-beam evaporator VST  Nirit Porecki Edi Mados
Magnetron Sputtering Vinci Nirit Porecki Dolev Roitman
Magnetron Sputtering PENTA Dr. Valery Garber Edi Mados
Ebeam evaporator Vinci Nirit Porecki Dolev Roitman
PECVD PlasmTherm Dr. Gregory Kopnov Lev Rovinsky
ALD Beneq Dr. Gregory Kopnov Lev Rovinsky
RTP Nirit Porecki Nirit Porecki
Electroplating Yamamoto Dr. Boris Yofis Roy Marrache
Etch RIE Oerlicon Dr. Boris Yofis Dr. Boris Yofis
Deep RIE Versaline DSE Erez Benjamin Erez Benjamin
Ion Beam Milling AJA Nirit Porecki Nirit Porecki
Micro-machining Femtosecond Laser ELAS Dr Anastasia
Dr Anastasia
Lithography Photolithography MA6/BA Erez Benjamin Dafna meltser
Direct Laser Writer (mask and wafer) Heidelberg Inna Shekhtman Inna Shekhtman
E-Beam Lithography Raith 150-II Inna Shekhtman Dolev Roitman
Ion Beam Helius 5 Dual Beam FIB ThermoFisher Dr. Alex Lahav Dr. Alex Lahav
Mask File Design Inna Shekhtman Inna Shekhtman
Mask Fabrication (Soda Lime substrate) Inna Shekhtman Inna Shekhtman
Back End Dicing Disco Saw Bar Favelukis Bar Favelukis
ATV Vacuum Oven 301 Gidon Jacob Gidon Jacob
Characterization XRD Dr. David Levy Dr. David Levy
XPS/AES Dr. Pini Shekhter Dr. Pini Shekhter
ESEM Dr. Zahava Barkay Dr. Zahava Barkay
HRSEM APREO Cathodoluminescence  Dr. Zahava Barkay Dr. Zahava Barkay
TOF/SIMS Dr. Alexander
Dr. Alexander
S/TEM SPECTRA Dr. George Levi Dr. George Levi
TEM TALOS Dr. George Levi Dr. George Levi
Profilometer KLA Erez Benjamin Dolev Roitman
Profilometer DETAK Dr. Boris Yofis Dolev Roitman
Ellipsometer Wollam Dr. Gregory Kopnov Gregory Kopnov
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer Lamda1050 Dr. David Levy Dr. David Levy
Confocal Microscope Olympus LEXT 5100 Erez Benjamin Erez Benjamin
FTIR spectrophotometer Dr. David Levy Ori Avayu
I-V/C-V meter Keithley 4210 Dr. Valery Garber Dr. Valery Garber
4 Point Probe Dr. Valery Garber Dr. Gregory Kopnov
Contact Angle Nicole Gorokhovsky Nicole Gorokhovsky
DLS (Zeta sizer/potential) Nicole Gorokhovsky Nicole Gorokhovsky
HRSEM ZEISS Gemini 300 Dr. Pini Shekhter Gil Daffan
AFM Dr Anastasia
Dr Anastasia


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