Prof. Itai Benhar

Targeted drug-carrying phage nanoparicles



Prof. Benhar is an expert and opinion leader in the field of antibody engineering. Over the 22 years of being active in that field, he prepared several phage display libraries from which antibodies against numerous targets were isolated. Prof. Benhar publishes 93 research papers, wrote 12 book chapters and submitted 19 patent applications.


Research in Prof. Benhar’s group is multidisciplinary, involves many collaborations and is currently focused on the following topics: 

  1. Study of design principles for bispecific antibodies their application to develop potential therapeutics.
  2. Study of combinations and conjugates of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with low-molecular-weight heparins for treating inflammatory bowel diseases.
  3. Studies of targeted drug-carrying nanomedicines combined with Medicinal Chemistry approaches for the eradication of pathogenic fungi, chronic inflammation and cancer.
  4. Study of novel approaches for discovering GPCR-specific antibodies.
  5. Targeting lymphoma, allergy and autoimmunity with monospecific and bispecific antibodies.


Prof. Benhar is or has been a consultant to several Israeli Biotech companies, including AIT (developing antibodies for clinical applications) CEACAM (developing anti-cancer antibodies), GreenVision (developing advances imaging systems), Intellect Neuroscience (developed antibodies for Alzheimer's disease), SeraSense Biotech (developing anti-cancer antibodies) MedGenics (developing drug-producing skin grafts) and 4C-Biomed (developing anti-cancer antibodies).


Prof. Benhar teaches a graduate course "Antibody Engineering" and an undergraduate course "Introduction to Biotechnology".


 Please read Prof. Benhar’s detailed research description.


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