Glove Box

Follow the steps below in order to use the Glove Box independently at The Chaoul Center for Nanoscale Systems

Glove Box
  1. To Schedule safety training for the labs inside Nano center please send an email to Roman Nudelman (please cc Nirit Porecki Shamay).
  2. Please contact Noa Shafir for registration or to create your user in Bookitlab if needed. Provide all required information: First Name + Last Name, User Group (the name of your supervisor) and Email. Please cc Roman Nudelman.
  3. Register to our Login System ‘Bookitlab’. Please take a few moments to get to know our scheduling and Log in system "Bookitlab".
  4. In order to get access (RFID) to the nano Facilities, you need to send a presentation explaining your future work. In the presentation describe your work, equipment you are planning to use, materials, thickness, drawing with dimensions, tolerance, sample size and etc. The presentation should be sent to Valery Garber and he will approve the process.
  5. After attending the safety training and sending the presentation your name will be added to the clean room users list and you’ll be given RFID. You must also be added to the TAU-MNCF mailing list by Noa Shafir
  6. Budget: If nobody in your group is using the clean room, have your advisor contact Galit Bronshtein to set up an account for internal users.
  7. Get trained on the equipment and process you need by using the Tools and Owners table. Select equipment and sent a message to the owner.
    * After training you will be added to the equipment control system to which you must log in before using any equipment.
  8. Please note that attending complete the clean room Safety refresher once a year is mandatory.
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