Mask Aligner MA6 GEN4

Mask Aligner MA6 GEN4
Mask Aligner MA6 GEN4

Manufacturer and model:

KARL SUSS MA/BA6 GEN4 Mask Aligner.



The SUSS MA/BA6 mask aligner is widely recognized as a benchmark in semiconductor submicron research and microsystems production.


It is designed for all standard lithography applications and wafer sizes of up to 150 mm. For thick-resist MEMS applications, the MA/BA6 offers high resolution and optimum edge quality.


The bottom side alignment option allows for pattern printing on both sides of the substrate.



  • UV LED light source
  • Uniformity<2.5%
  • Manual & Automatic Wafer Alignment
  • Flood exposure, soft, hard, and vacuum contact capable.
  • Topside and backside alignment.
  • 1 µm feature size. resolution in thin resist.
  • Mask size: 4" , 5'" and 7".
  • Sample sizes up to 6'' wafers. BSA of small pieces is supported by a glass chuck.


Nano Cleanroom, Nano center building.

Engineering Cleanroom, Wolfson building of Electrical Engineering.


Tool Owner:

Erez Benjamin (


Tool Trainer:

Erez Benjamin (

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