Magnetron Sputtering Vinci

Magnetron Sputtering Vinci
Magnetron Sputtering Vinci

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Nearly all materials can be deposited by magnetron sputtering regardless of their melting temperature.



Au, Ag, Al, Cr, Cu, In, Ni, Mo, Si-intr, Ta, Ti, Al2O3, BN, ITO, Ni:Cr(80:20), SiC, SiO2, SiNx, TiN, TiO2. 



  • Up to 6‘’ wafers.
  • Load lock.
  • In situ Ar plasma preclean.
  • Base pressure 7.5x10-8 Torr.
  • Working pressure 5x10-7 Torr.
  • 5 heads (1RF/4DC).
  • Heating up to 350˚C.
  • Typical deposition rate: 8.33 Å/sec for Au, 2.1 Å/sec for Ni, 1.33 Å/sec for Al, 3.5 Å/sec for Cr, 2.25 Å/sec for W.


Nano center building.


Tool Owner:

Nirit Porecki-Shamay (


Tool Trainer:

Dolev Roitman (


Rates & Costs for external Commercial / Industrial:

Clean Room - 200 NIS / hr.

Tool - 440 NIS / hr.

Staff Time - 440 NIS / hr.

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