Helius 5 Dual Beam FIB ThermoFisher

Helius 5 Dual Beam FIB ThermoFisher
Helius 5 Dual Beam FIB ThermoFisher
Manufacturer and model:

ThermoFisher Helios 5 UC.



The Helios 5 is an integrated focused ion beam (FIB) and scanning electron beam, dual functionality in one machine. The ion column provides fast and precise milling, patterning and imaging of the sample's surface. 

The superior low voltage performance of the ion column facilitates to produce a high-quality thin lamella for TEM.

A Multi-Chem system provides an accurate deposition/etching capability of different layers on the sample. By applying a simultaneous operation of the columns, it is possible to slice the sample very gently and to acquite an immediate SEM image of the slice. By repeating these steps, it is possible to reconstruct a 3D model of the specimen.



  • ION optics - Tomahawk HT Ion Column with superior high-current performance.

» Ion beam current range: 1pA – 100nA.

» Accelerating voltage range: 500V – 30kV.

  • Electron optics - Elstar ultra-high-resolution field emission SEM column with Magnetic immersion objective lens.

» Resolution: 0.6 nm at 15 kV, 1.5 nm at 1 kV with beam deceleration and DBS.

» Electron beam current range: 0.8pA to 176nA.

» Landing energy range: 20eV – 30keV.

» Maximum horizontal field width: 2.3mm at 4mm WD.

  • Detectors:

 » Elstar in-lens SE/BSE detector (TLD-SE, TLD-BSE).

 » Elstar in-column SE/BSE detector (ICD).

 » Elstar in-column BSE detector (MD).

 » Everhart-Thornley SE detector (ETD).

 » High-performance in-chamber electron and ion detector (ICE) for secondary ions (SI) and electrons (SE).

 » Retractable, low-voltage, high-contrast, directional, solid-state backscatter electron detector (DBS).

 » Bruker Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).

 » Retractable STEM 3+ detector with BF/ DF/ HAADF segments.

 » Integrated beam current measurement.

 » Thermo Scientific In-chamber Nav-Cam Camera for sample navigation.

 » IR camera for viewing sample/column.

  • Precursors for MultiChem:

» Carbon Deposition - Gas chemistry solution (Naphthalene) for Ion or Electron beam deposition of Carbon-based material.

» Insulator Deposition II - Gas chemistry (TEOS) solution for in-situ deposition of insulator.

» Insulator Enhanced Etch - Gas chemistry solution (XeF2) for enhanced etching of insulator materials. This gas chemistry is used to selectively remove insulating materials while inhibiting the removal of conducting materials.

» Selective Carbon Mill - Gas chemistry solution for enhanced etching of carbon-based materials such as resist, polycarbonate or diamonds.

» Tungsten Deposition - Gas chemistry solution for Ion or Electron beam deposition of Tungsten-containing material. Tungsten gas chemistry is the preferred metal deposition in case low electrical resistance of the deposited material is required.



Nano center building.


Tool Owner:

Roy Davidi (roydavidi@tauex.tau.ac.il)


Tool Trainer:

Roy Davidi (roydavidi@tauex.tau.ac.il)


Rates & Costs for external Commercial / Industrial:

Tool - 440 NIS / hr

Staff Time - 440 NIS / hr.

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